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Despite the fact that not all communes in the country are in mandatory quarantine, the general call is to stay home and thus curb the contagion curve. In this scenario, in which universities, cultural centers are closed, state universities have made free and open cultural activities available to be carried out online.

Cultural Action, is the name of the page that gathers the panoramas and artistic-cultural activities of the 18 State Universities of Chile. This site is the result of the work of the Arts, Cultures and Heritage network, whose objective is to open university spaces and democratize access to cultural assets throughout the country.

During these months, Acción Cultural will be dedicated to disseminating the recommendations that the universities make every week, including concerts, books, workshops and Chilean films available to watch or download for free.

Through the site, it will even be possible to access photographic exhibitions and tours of museums in Chile and the world, expanding cultural spaces beyond the universities and offering a window to explore different activities without leaving home.

Along with the weekly recommendations, some universities have chosen to carry out daily activities such as workshops and talks. These links will also be available on the billboard, where you can view the activities scheduled for each day.

Finally, the page will be updated weekly with featured activities, including a summary of recommendations for concerts, literature and film.

You can access the Cultural Action card by doing click here

Source: Network of Chilean State Universities