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According to the statistical report of the Chilean Book Chamber, Chilean universities published 737 books nationwide, of which 40 belong to the Editorial de la U. de La Serena.

The registration of the Chilean ISBN Agency (International Standard Book Number) is a system that reflects the number of books that each publisher registers in this international agency, in charge of identifying and quantifying the texts published by country at an annual level. This time, this registry places the University of La Serena in second place among the regional universities with the most books published in 2019 and in sixth place nationwide.

This report grants a "numerical identity card" to each book, allowing its cataloging, circulation, sale, among other things.

Regarding this position in the ISBN annual ranking, Alejandro Abufom, in charge of the ULS Editorial, highlighted that “this location, among the more than 55 Chilean universities, confirms that we are on the right track, because we are publishing a lot and - in shared opinions - of good quality. The fact that we have 40 books published in a year speaks highly of the productivity of our academics and collaborators, and of the institutional policies for the promotion and financing of new books ”.

In addition, he referred to the distribution of titles at the national and international levels, highlighting it as something essential in the work of a publisher. "We are still committed -as our institutional motto says-" to share knowledge that improves life. The books allow this knowledge to be projected to the entire community, by placing it in bookstores in Chile, the world and on multiple digital platforms. "

Chilean universities are very active in publishing books. This is precisely an important event because it shows that research is being carried out in the multiple areas in which higher education institutions work and, especially, the University of La Serena. It also shows that there is an awareness that knowledge must come out of laboratories, offices and classrooms, and project to the community.

ULS ISBN Ranking 2019

Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVEULS