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Educational capsules on music and the evolution of instruments throughout history, are part of the activities that are currently carried out online.

A change in the artistic programming has marked the development of the 2020 season of the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra, after the arrival of the coronavirus in the national territory; and is that when the high numbers of infections and the emergency measures taken by the Government were known, the concerts of the first semester were suspended and will be rescheduled for the second part of the year; looking for new mechanisms to reach the hundreds of fans who enjoy learned music and the activities carried out throughout the year by the professional cast of the Coquimbo Region.

In this way, the orchestra has reached various corners of the world through a simple click, reliving concerts from previous seasons such as the much-remembered 'Symphony of Cultures' (2018); noted for its beautiful repertoires and the participation of shrewd figures of the orchestral direction such as José Luis Domínguez (Chile), Rodolfo Fischer (Chile), David Handel (United States), Nicolas Rauss (Switzerland), Eduardo Browne (Chile) and Helmuth Reichel (Chile); who were accompanied by outstanding Chilean soloists, holders of a wide international recognition such as Patricia Reyes (harp), Alberto Dourthé (violin), Luis Orlandini (guitar), among others.

Another measure valued by the public has been the dissemination of musical capsules with an educational focus, led by the musicians of the regional ensemble and the artistic management team. For brief minutes, the performers bring adults and children closer to the history and evolution of the instruments; They know about the formation of the first orchestras and their origins, and at the same time, they learn about music without leaving their homes.


During the month of April, the group belonging to the Network of Regional Professional Orchestras of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage has inaugurated a new section that invites the community to get to know them a little more; through photographs that present the different families of instruments and their performers. In this way, it is hoped that the community will recognize each one of the musicians and will be able to soak up those who give life to the professional cast of the region.

These records can be viewed and enjoyed as a family from the Facebook platforms: Universidad de La Serena Symphony Orchestra, Instagram: @sinfonicalaserena and Twitter: @sinfonicals. In addition, they can subscribe and play the musical capsules or enjoy concerts from previous seasons, from the cast's YouTube channel: Sinfónica La Serena or by visiting the official website www.sinfonicalaserena.cl

The regional ensemble will soon publish new educational videos and study the possibility of expanding audiovisual content with artistic interventions by its musicians, as well as by its invited conductors and soloists.

Written by Camila Pérez, University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra