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Diploma in Education in Human Rights
Department of Education, Faculty of Humanities, University of La Serena.


  • Offer within the system of Formal Education of Higher Level, a Program of specialization in Human Rights, that considers theoretical and practical elements of this field of study.
  • Promote a culture of participation, respect and defense of human rights sustained in its dissemination, teaching and praxis.
  • Provide basic concepts that support the discourse and action on Human Rights.
  • Analyze experiences through dialogue on Human Rights in the national and international legal framework and case studies.
  • Understand the critical factors that contribute to the formation of dynamic people in social spaces that respect Human Rights. To train citizens and critical citizens (graduates and graduates of higher education, social leaders, teachers, professionals in general, etc.) to become dynamizers of social spaces respectful of Human Rights.


The Plan includes three modules:

  • 1 Module: Introduction to Human Rights
  • 2 Module: Historical-Political Memory
  • 3 Module: Political Philosophy and Human Rights
  • Final work of the Diploma

Duration: The plan includes 48 hours, dictated in two months.

Observation: This program will begin in October of 2019.

Program Director: Edgardo Carabantes Olivares

Phone: +56 51 2 204593

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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