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Diploma in Curricular Management in Higher Education
Academic Vice-rectory and Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies, University of La Serena.

The Academic Vice-Rectory and Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Research at the University of La Serena, has designed the Diploma in Curricular Management in Higher Education, whose purpose is to develop the skills in the field of curriculum management of managers responsible for the quality assurance of undergraduate training processes, as well as any academic who has an interest in promoting these skills.


  • Analyze the components of the national political framework that regulates Higher Education and the mechanisms of quality assurance.
  • Analyze the regulations, mechanisms and procedures existing in institutions in different academic and administrative situations for curricular management.
  • Develop skills in the field of management related to the direction, planning, implementation and curricular evaluation, with the purpose of generating quality assurance mechanisms in the training process in accordance with the requirements of the work environment and professional.
  • Use leadership strategies such as: decision-making, development of human talent, strengthening effective communication skills, conflict management, interpersonal relationships that favor collaborative team work for continuous improvement in curriculum management.
  • Encourage the use of strategies in the systematization and analysis of information for reflection and decision-making in curriculum management in order to ensure quality, job placement and continuous training.


  • Module I: Curriculum management and political framework of Higher Education and quality assurance
  • Module II: Management, evaluation, monitoring and curricular monitoring of undergraduate programs.
  • Module III: Academic and psychosocial student accompaniment.
  • Module IV: Leadership skills for curriculum management


The plan includes 243 Chronological Hours (9 SCT): 117 Chronological Hours and 126 Chronological Hours of Autonomous Work. 6 months.


  • Start date for the application process: Monday 30 of September 2019
  • Application process closing date: November 01 2019
  • Results: Friday 08 of November 2019
  • Classes start: Friday 15 of November 2019
  • Class term: Saturday 13 June 2020

Program Director: Luisa Pamela Labra Godoy

Phone: +51 2 204002

Contact: Secretary Program: Pamela Pizarro Villarroel, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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