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Diploma in Educational Leadership for School Improvement
Department of Education, University of La Serena

Objective: The Diploma in Educational Leadership for School Improvement is aimed at training educational leaders capable of understanding the dynamic relationships between the new requirements that society makes to education and the school, in particular, and to respond appropriately to the current challenges, in the different levels of performance of the educational structure.

  • Develop and strengthen the management of a conceptual framework and methodological tools that facilitate the exercise of leadership in the management and improvement of a school.
  • Encourage the pedagogical reflection of the educational leaders regarding their own practice in relation to the different styles of leadership.
  • Increase the strategies managed by educational leaders for the analysis and resolution of problems, in a collaborative way, in the context of educational institutions.
  • Develop and strengthen leadership strategies tending to generate coexistence environments that contribute to personal commitment and the educational community, in pursuit of the achievement of institutional goals.


The Plan includes three modules:

  • Module I: Educational Leadership
  • Module II: Leadership for the Management of School Coexistence
  • Module III: Leadership to improve the E / A process
  • Transversal Module: School Leadership Practice for the Improvement of Processes and Results

Duration: 9 weeks / 100hrs: 63 hrs. Face-to-face work and 37 hrs. Personal work.


  • Closing Applications: October 11
  • Results: October 14
  • Start of Classes: 19 October

Program Director: Dr. María Zúñiga Carrasco

Phone+ 51 2 204341

Queries: Gabriela Lopez - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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