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Doctorate in Biology and Applied Ecology
University of La Serena - Catholic University of the North


The program aims to train in the country and the region (Latin America), human resources doctorates in Biology and Applied Ecology and with excellent basic training in areas of biological sciences. Graduates will contribute significantly to the development of basic research and the sustainable use of renewable natural resources, their management and conservation. In addition, they will be trained to actively incorporate into society, in the private or state sectors, to increase the development of science, the innovation process, and the diversity of methods contributing to the planning of the use and management of natural resources in sustainable.


The program has a total of 240 transferable credits (SCT-Chile), corresponding to 120 credits for curricular activities and 120 credits for the thesis degree. The breakdown of the credits of the curricular activities is as follows: 36 credits of compulsory courses (Applied Ecology, Applied Biology, Socioecology and Conservation Biology), a minimum of 54 credits in elective activities (including subjects, workshops, seminars, units of research), 4 credits for the preparation of qualification exam and 26 credits corresponding to the Thesis Project.

Duration: The Program will have a normal duration of eight (8) semesters, with a maximum duration of twelve (12) semesters.

Program Director: Dr. Francisco Squeo Porcile.

Phone: +56 51 2 205963

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.dr-bea.cl/

Accreditation: Accredited Program 5 years, April 2019 - April 2024. (CNA-Chile).

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