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Doctorate in Biological Sciences, mention Ecology of Arid Zones
Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of La Serena


The Doctoral Program in Biological Sciences, mention of Ecology of Arid Zones, seeks to train scientists capable of developing ecological sciences, with emphasis on arid ecosystems, integrating all levels of biological organization, from molecules to ecosystems and without distinction of taxa.

PhD graduates will have solid theoretical and practical knowledge of the ecology of arid ecosystems, which will allow them to address fundamental research problems of interest for the development of the discipline, as well as to face the challenges that contemporary society imposes on the responsible use of natural resources and their conservation for future generations.

The Program is integrated with the Master's Program in Biological Sciences, mention of Ecology of Arid Zones. Both programs seek to consolidate a critical mass of researchers with solid training in ecological sciences related to the arid ecosystems of Chile and aim to contribute to the development and knowledge of arid ecosystems of other regions of the planet, especially in Latin America. Likewise, both programs hope to train competent professionals to advise decision-making regarding the sustainable development of arid ecosystems, both in public bodies and private organizations.


The curriculum of the Program will consist of:

4 compulsory courses with a high demand for dedication (12 transferable credits): Molecular Ecology, Functional Ecology, Population Ecology, Community Ecology. The content of each of these courses will emphasize cases or systems of arid zones.

6 elective courses of a total of 11 available (dedication less than the mandatory, 6 credits transferable c / u).

Other elective activities of a complementary nature and with flexibility in its format, such as research units, tutorial courses and research internships.


The curriculum lasts for 4 years, organized in 8 semesters.

The students of the Program can not exceed the 6 total years of studies, except in justified cases such as maternity, accidents or illness. The minimum stay in the Program will be 6 semesters.

The SCT-Chile is considered in the curriculum. Obtaining a doctor degree in the Program requires a minimum of 240 credits.

The modality is face-to-face, with exclusive dedication.


This program will start in March of the 2020, its application process will be carried out from the month of October of the 2019.

Program Director: Sergio R. Ríos Aramayo

Phone: +56 51 2 334650

Contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.dr-eza.cl

Accreditation: Program Accredited by the CNA-Chile for 2 years, November 2017 - November 2019. logo cna 45px

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