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Doctorate in Energy, Water and Environment
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of La Serena.


Create a PhD program in Energy, Water and Environment to train specialists with advanced knowledge in the theoretical and empirical foundations related to energy, water and environment, who are trained to develop research in these areas. The general lines of specialization offered by the program are: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Water and Water Resources, Environment and Sustainability.

  • Form advanced human capital in the themes of the doctorate.
  • Develop and transmit new knowledge in the field of Energy, Water and its relationship with the Environment.
  • Contribute to the solution of problems in the field of Energy, Water and Environment, through theses and scientific publications in mainstream journals.
  • Integrate the research work in Energy, Water and Environment.


The curriculum is for four years organized in 8 semesters.

First semester

  • Topics in Energy, Water and Environment
  • Mathematics and Applied Statistics
  • Renewable energy
    Research Seminar

Second semester

  • Global Change and Environment
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Decontamination
  • Hydrology
    Research Seminar

Third semester

  • Conventional Energies and Efficiency
  • 1 Specialization Elective Course
  • Thesis Project (Qualification Exam)
    Research Seminar

Fourth semester

  • 2 Specialization Elective Course
  • Development of 1 Thesis
    Research Seminar

Fifth semester

  • Development of 2 Thesis (Progress Exam)
    Research Seminar

Sixth semester

  • Development of 3 Thesis
    Research Seminar
    Thesis Advance Exam

Seventh semester

  • Development of 4 Thesis
    Research Seminar

Eighth semester

  • Thesis defense
    Research Seminar

Electives in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency:
1 Phenomena of Transport of Energy and Matter
2 Solar Energy, Wind and Applications
3 Computational Fluid Mechanics

Electives in Water and Water Resources:
4 Non-conventional water resources
5 Glaciology
6 Water Resources Management

Electives in Environment:
7 Environmental Stress: Effect and Biological Responses
8 Advances in Environment and Sustainability


8 academic semesters, 18 weeks per semester, in 4 years.


  • Start of classes 23 of April 2018
  • Online application period from 3 to 12 in April (24: 00 hrs.) From 2018
  • Delivery of results 16 of April, Registration from 17 to 25 of April of 2018.

Program Director: Nelson Moraga Benavides

Phone: +56 51 2 204208

Contact: Dr. Luis Silva Llanca - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://doctoradoeama.userena.cl/

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