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Doctorate in Food Engineering and Bioprocesses
Faculty of Engineering - Department of Food Engineering - Department of Mechanical Engineering


  • To train doctors who are leaders capable of researching, developing and applying practical and innovative solutions for the processing, preparation, conservation and transportation of healthy foods.
  • Strengthen the work of research in food in the Departments that are associated to offer it, and therefore in the region and in the country.

Graduation Profile:

The Doctor in Food Engineering and Bioprocesses is qualified to:

  • Propose, direct and develop high level basic and applied research tasks independently, both in universities, research centers and institutes, and in public and private companies.
  • Identify, formulate and solve problems related to science and engineering in food and bioprocess, in an efficient, precise and timely manner.
  • Formulate, apply, win, develop and direct successful research projects in national competitions such as FONDECYT.
  • Incorporate effectively to the public and business sectors, either productive or administrative, contributing with their knowledge and skills to the diagnosis of the current situation in the field of Food Engineering and Bioprocesses, contributing creatively to the development of solution proposals that improve the quality of food, increase the efficiency of the processes of preparation, preservation, conservation and transportation, increasing the incorporation of knowledge in the transformations of the food consumed in the country and in those that are exported, to contribute to improve the quality of the population's food and the economic development of the country.
  • Integrate and lead interdisciplinary working groups in their field.
  • Articulate productively with work groups and specialists from other areas of knowledge for the development of joint activities.
  • Be innovative and flexible to formulate and solve problems, generate new questions, quickly identify effective solution methodologies, propose appropriate hypotheses and develop the search for answers through the rigorous application of the general scientific method, to obtain the required results in specific situations.
  • Teaching in the field of higher education, whether in universities, professional institutes or technical training centers, in the field of their competence ".


Courses, Seminars and Workshops, Students must complete a total of seven compulsory courses and a minimum of three elective courses. Special courses are contemplated with guest lecturers, a Thesis Project with Qualification Exam, an Advance Exam, to conclude with the defense of a Doctoral Thesis.

Duration: Eight semesters


  • Start of applications: 01 of September of 2020.
  • Closure of applications: October 30, 2020.
  • Delivery of results: First half of November.
  • Start of the Program: March of 2021.

Program Director: Dr. Vilbett Briones Labarca

Phones: + 56 51 2 204446 | + 56 51 2 204455

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://diab.userena.cl

Accreditation: Program Accredited by the CNA-Chile for 2 years, October 2017 - October 2019. logo cna 45px

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