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Each specific objective has associated a strategy to follow, a relevant step in the formulation of the PMI, since it allows specific institutional improvement.

Strategies associated with 1 objective

  • Strengthening of the processes installed for the curricular redesign of Pedagogies
  • Redesign of the practice component of teacher training programs
  • Integration of disciplinary and pedagogical training in the educational process of Pedagogies
  • Development of a quality assurance model for initial teacher training, based on diagnostic, intermediate and final evaluations regulated by a plan designed for this purpose.

Strategies associated with 2 objective

  • Design of a collaborative work program with the regional educational system, to incorporate talented students of the school system into pedagogical careers, ensuring their retention.
  • Optimization of the existent institutional strategies and devices of the Basic Skills Leveling Program, for the integral diagnosis and leveling of the competences of the future teachers.
  • Optimization of the methodological and evaluative procedures, of development and deepening of basic competences for the improvement of the learning and retention levels of the pedagogy students, on the basis of the support of Chilean and foreign institutions that have successful experiences to the respect.

Strategies associated with 3 objective

  • Implementation of a focused recruitment plan (4 doctores) according to two modalities: i) incorporation of new capacities, not available in the Institution, ii) improvement of the contractual relationship of part-time academics, pre-existing in the Institution, currently in doctoral programs.
  • Creation and maintenance of a permanent teacher training and updating program, in the field of pedagogies, that responds to criteria of integration between didactic and disciplinary aspects, from which criteria and indicators are derived that allow progress in the improvement of the evaluation system of the existing academic performance, considering the requirement of the innovative curricular proposal.
  • Design and implementation of institutional strategies for collaboration with higher education institutions, national and international, that have effective programs in teacher training, forming networks to share experiences and research related to continuous improvement, strengthening of the profession and articulation with the labor context.
  • Incentive for applied pedagogical research, carried out jointly with actors of the school system and with teachers in training, as a relevant instance of the professional development of the academic body.

Strategies associated with 4 objective

  • Review and adaptation of existing regulatory frameworks that affect the achievement of timely titling.
  • Management of the progression of the students ensuring the improvement of the competences for the teaching exercise, in coherence with the teaching career policies promoted by the MINEDUC.

Focus and strengthening of the institutional system of follow-up to the graduate, so that it is permanent, periodic, diachronically comparable and efficiently responds to the specificity and requirements of the labor insertion and the professional development of the graduates of the pedagogical careers of the ULS.