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1401 strategies

Private public and academic integration of the actors for the strengthening of regional capacities and the development of solutions.

  • Creation of a public, private and academic directory that provides strategic support to the project's actions.
  • Establishment of a regional forum for discussion and dissemination of progress in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of the territory (annual regional forum).
  • Training of scientific-technological careers of the ULS certifiable competences in the areas of energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Specialization and postgraduate offer (master's degree in energy and sustainability) for the formation of advanced human capital in the territory.
  • Training plan, dissemination and knowledge transfer in the priority areas of the PMI for educational, productive and social entities.
  • Increase in the productive capacity of knowledge in the areas of PMI in a manner relevant to the regional problems associated with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability from the creation of multi and interdisciplinary research groups.
  • Development at the prototype level of technological solutions for efficiency and energy autonomy, and environmental sustainability, for priority needs in the territory.