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Only in blogspot, the magazine El Club Quantico, also inserted in this project, has reached the 4.000 visits, counting on followers from Chile and abroad.

On March 11 Wednesday, the fourth season of "The Quantum Club" begins on Radio Universitaria FM, a biweekly scientific program conducted by the academic and director of the Mathematics Department of the house of studies, Dr. Marco Corgini Videla.

New guests and conversation topics will be added to the 20 space: 00 hrs., Where philosophers, physicists, mathematical astronomers, anthropologists, biologists, linguists, journalists, professors, ethnomusicologists, psychologists, computer engineers, kinesiologists and many more, have shared with the community, for three years, part of their work and the various advances in their areas of development.

"This version of the program will consider topics as interesting as human biology, in particular the anatomy and functioning of the brain," said Dr. Corgini. The program's conductor also pointed out that "we expect our auditors to continue to be surprised, not only with the advances of science, but also with the culture in general in all its manifestations. That has been the purpose of this initiative since its inception. "

For its part, the journalistic editor, Ingrid Torres, highlighted the support that auditors and subscribers from Chile and abroad have provided to this initiative also through social networks, commenting on the contents through twitter (@elclubcuantico), visiting the programs on youtube (http://youtube.com/elclubcuantico) and goear (http://goear.com/elclubcuantico), and constantly entering The Club Quantico Magazine (http://elclubcuantico.blogspot.com/ - http://issuu.com/elclubcuantico), where the same guests to the program divulge topics of interest to the community.

Regarding this free magazine, it is important to note that only in blogspot 4.000 has reached downloads, made from different countries, including Spain and Mexico.

The Quantum Club started in April of 2012 and, until December of 2014, totalizes 54 programs, which have been broadcast by Radio Universitaria FM, dependent on the Protocol and Communications Department, and counted with the participation of academics and professionals from different departments of the University of La Serena and of other study centers and research centers in the north, center and south of the country, as well as abroad.