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diuls contests

In relation to project management and research support, DIDULS has the objective of coordinating and managing the conditions for academics and researchers of the institution to have the necessary conditions for the successful development of their research activities. To this end, DIDULS has the following competitions and programs that are convened annually according to the detected needs and budget availability.

  • DIDULS Regular Contest
  • DIDULS Competition Initiation
  • DIDULS Competition to Strengthen Teaching
  • DIDULS Contest, Projects Academic Journals
  • DIDULS Competition, Support for the Realization of Scientific Event
  • DIDULS Contest, Support Postgraduate Thesis
  • DIDULS Contest of Scientific Monographs
  • DIDULS Equipment Contest
  • DIDULS Competition, Multidisciplinary Projects
  • DIDULS Contest, Performance Agreement Strengthening Research Groups
  • DIDULS Contest, Individual Performance Agreement
  • DIDULS Contest, Pedagogical Research
  • DIDULS Program of Associated Researchers, PIA
  • Assignment of Scientific Productivity by Publications WOS (ISI) and SciELO

The bases and forms can be downloaded at: Website Research Directorate