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Achieve substantive changes in the training of professors at the University of La Serena, developing high-level professional skills that contribute to improving the quality of school learning in the educational system of the Coquimbo Region, particularly in students from more vulnerable environments.


  1. Redesign the Pedagogies curriculum according to the institutional conception of a quality teacher, in coherence with its educational model that focuses on learning, and the MINEDUC guidelines expressed in the educational reform. It is hoped to achieve this by renewing all the curricula of the pedagogies, incorporating adjustments and innovations so that they respond to current and future needs, redesigning the line of practices to establish a close and timely feedback link with the regional school environment. The indicators include a fully redesigned and validated curriculum, the increase in employer satisfaction and the increased satisfaction of graduates with respect to their training.
  2. Increase the amount and quality of entry to Pedagogy careers, ensuring student retention. For this objective, an increase in the average entrance scores to the pedagogies is committed, an increase in the number of talented students captured from the school system (ranking), and an increase in first year retention.
  3. Renew and strengthen the academic body that intervenes in the educational programs of the Pedagogies of the ULS. For this, it is considered to implement a contracting plan according to the suggestions of the Strategic Diagnosis, create a program of permanent teaching update, and reinforce the competences of the academic body through interaction with national and international higher education institutions with successful experiences in curriculum renewal. . The impact is translated into an increase of teachers with specialization in critical areas, the increase of collaborative work and an improvement in teacher evaluation surveys.
  4. Achieve the timely qualification of new teachers with quality and relevant labor insertion, reinforcing the development of competences, managing the progression to ensure the learning and the necessary competencies for the professional exercise; evaluating the achievement of disciplinary and pedagogical competences during the process and at the end of it, and applying a remedial plan to ensure that those who graduate do so with the required competencies. It is expected to increase the third year retention and improve the titling times. Within the framework of relations with the regional education system, it is expected to strengthen the link with school communities, replicating successful experiences of existing links, creating a permanent collaboration network to enhance training and continuous improvement of teaching practices. The conformation is expected to contribute to this purpose, in the context of learning communities, research groups with academics, undergraduate students and teachers of the school system.