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1401 objectives


The Institutional Improvement Plan for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability is a program for 3 years, with shared funding between MINEDUC / ULS, and its main objective is to position the University as a reference and articulator of regional development processes, particularly in the topics of energy efficiency and sustainability, through a scientific - technological platform capable of responding to territorial needs.


Linkage with the Environment: Implement a management model aimed at creating a permanent linkage and articulation between the University of La Serena and the different actors of the regional territory, which allows to know and deepen the needs of the regional civil and business society, prioritize those of urgent solution, and to integrate the institutional competences of academic formation and scientific-technological capacities for its resolution.
Institutional Strengthening: Strengthen the quality and relevance of the formation of undergraduate programs of scientific-technological careers of the institution, from incorporating educational training and significant experiences with the fields of energy efficiency and Institutional Improvement Plan of the University of La Serena environmental sustainability, connecting this process with professional training and advanced human capital as a concrete contribution to the seal of training expressed in the Institutional Educational Model.

Cultivation of Collectives: Develop and implement a plan of promotion, dissemination and training of regional coverage among the educational, productive and social agents of the territory, as a basis for the installation of a culture of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility that leads to the realization of sustainable development for the Region of Coquimbo and its inhabitants.

Projection in R + D + i: Contribution to the solution of complex problems that affect the quality of life, productivity and competitiveness of the regional and national territory, based on the strengthening and multi and interdisciplinary integration of training, research and technological development capacities that the institution owns, maintaining energy efficiency and environmental sustainability as a reference.