Doctorate in Astronomy
Doctorate in Biology and Applied Ecology
Doctorate in Energy, Water and Environment
Doctorate in Food Engineering and Bioprocesses


Master in Astronomy
Master in Biological Sciences mention Ecology of Arid Zones
Master of Science in Physics
Master of Science Mention Food Engineering
Master in Energy and Environmental Sustainability
Master in Water Resources Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones
Master in Industrial Engineering (MII)
Master in Computational Mechanics
Master in Prevention of Occupational Accident and Occupational Disease Risks


Diploma in Didactics of the Social Sciences
Diploma in Teaching in Higher Education
Diploma in Teaching for Professional Technical Training
Diploma in Education in Human Rights
Diploma in University Education for Health Sciences
Diploma in Environmental Management and Energy Sustainability
Diploma in Curricular Management in Higher Education
Diploma in Tax Management
Diploma in Educational Leadership for School Improvement
Diploma in Digital Marketing
Expert in Risk Prevention Ceprolaser
Postgraduate in Clinical and Field Epidemiology

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