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The Faculty of Sciences of the University of La Serena focuses its work in the areas of Education in Sciences, Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences and Technologies.

Of this macrounidad depend the Departments of: Agronomy, Biology, Nursing, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics and Chemistry, where the areas of knowledge of their competence are cultivated and developed; and the Schools of Agronomy, Nursing, Computer Engineering, Pedagogy in Sciences and Laboratory Chemistry, in charge of the curricular development of the programs assigned to them.

In undergraduate teaching, the Faculty of Sciences imparts 14 careers: Nursing, Dentistry, Kinesiology, Agronomic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemistry, Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Chemistry and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Mathematics and Physics, Pedagogy in Mathematics and Computing, Degree in Astronomy, Degree in Physics, Degree in Mathematics and Degree in Chemistry.

For more information visit: Website Faculty of Sciences

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