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What is the Tutoring Program?

The Tutoring Program is a program coordinated by the International Relations Office of the University of La Serena. The program seeks to create an intercultural space for ULS students and at the same time support students who come from abroad during their first time at our university.

The tutor is a student at the University of La Serena who is at least in his second year of studies and who supports foreign students in making their first steps at the beginning of their stay, ie look for the student at the airport, show him the surroundings of your new home (locate campus and university entities, supermarkets, public transportation, etc.); and offer assistance in administrative tasks, such as requesting the RUT number. In addition, the tutor shares the interests with his foreign partner. Let's say that the tutor is like the older brother of the student he accompanies.

At the end of the semester, in order to obtain the Certificate of Participation of the Tutoring Program, the tutor must submit a brief report on the activities he carried out with his foreign partner. You can attach the certificate to your CV and it will help you when applying for student mobility grants.

What should I do to participate in the Tutoring Program?

The International Relations Office establishes contact between a tutor and one or two foreign students, based on the respective careers and common interests (sports, languages, etc.). For this, the applicants to the program (both ULS students and foreign students) must complete the Application Form to the Tutoring Program and send it to the mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download Application Form