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Part I

Lift the flight, radiant Serena,
Let your face illuminate your duty,
and move forward carrying the emblem
of science, art, knowledge.
It already stands in the fertile valley,
in your land, colonial home,
your Alma Mater badge, that the world
It makes you a sign of a great ideal.

It is already heard in the echo of time,
through the Elqui valley to the sea,
between four hills, the wind:
La Serena, its University.

Part II
Let's move forward safely and joyfully,
let's build a better time,
that in your air the voices are heard
of the future, of man and of God.
The past covers us with glory,
the present is a task of peace.
Northern Chile, laurel of history;
La Serena, its University.

Music: Buno Trejos R.
Letter: Juan M. Fierro B.