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In the university document "Structure and Institutional Guidelines of the Activities of Linking to the Environment of the University of La Serena", the role of the Academic Units within the institutional function of Linking with the Environment is indicated. academic units are the instances of operationalization, coordination, monitoring and control of the link with the medium at the disciplinary level.

The University Decree No. 137 / 1987 indicates the role of academic units in the function of linking with the environment, stating that "the academic organization of the University defined from its statutory bases, recognizes in the Faculty, the organism par excellence in which the activity of its academics is developed, which are grouped with the purpose of teaching, investigating and extending their action to the community in the same area or related areas of higher knowledge. At the same time, he points out that the Department corresponds to "the Basic Academic Unit, in which different related disciplines meet to carry out the fundamental academic activities of the University".

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