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During the day the Faculty of Engineering presented the 2020 Operational Plan for Linking with the Environment, contributing both to teaching and / or research and to the different interest groups with which it interacts systematically and bidirectionally.

In order to systematize the processes and implement a knowledge management plan for the Linking projects with the Environment of the Faculty of Engineering (FIULS), the Planning Workshop 2020 was carried out. In the instance, the scope of evaluation and monitoring of operational plans, identifying the potentiating and restrictive factors of effective execution.

ing2 workshopIn relation to the paradigm shift in the planning and evaluation of Linking with the Environment, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ing. Mauricio Godoy, stressed that this macro unit “forms a great team and that is why we must be aligned complying our objectives in common, through the projects of linking with the environment that are being developed and managed systematically; so among all the members we can carry out a collaborative and coordinated work with the different FIULS units and this is the great change that we must make ”.

For its part, the Coordinator Link with the Environment of the Faculty of Engineering, Mg. Ing. Ricardo Cabana, in his presentation, said that “in the field of linking with the environment we must all make decisions that connect with a culture of bidirectional contribution, it is a commitment that we all have and we must follow a process of planning, evaluation and Project management control. For this, our University has a set of instruments, including an integrated technology platform. In this way, we will contribute to institutional accreditation and we will be measuring our projects in indicators in coverage, quality, relevance, efficiency and replicability. ”

The workshop was attended by academics from the departments of the Faculty. The academic and Mechanical Civil Engineering Coordinator, Camilo Moreno, highlighted this initiative “that contributes to the link with the environment and this system to know how much the projects contribute internally and externally, know with data and how to improve in the future and generate a great contribution to both our University and our environment ”.

The Linking with the Environment at the University of La Serena, as a regional state university, constitutes an essential and substantive expression of its social role committed to quality integrated transversely to all academic functions. This commitment requires that each department of the ULS, prioritize its project portfolio, be designed and executed contributing both to teaching and / or research, as well as to the different interest groups with which it interacts systematically and bidirectionally.

Finally, it was announced that within the Faculty of Engineering three emblematic projects will be chosen and highlighted during this year, which will impact on the practical improvements in teaching, research and society.

Written by María José Barraza, Project FIULS 2030